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Welcome to The Blind Writer!

My name is Lorraine Reguly. Despite the title of this website, I am not blind. But I am a writer who is a certified English teacher.

In fact, I am also a freelance writer and editor and an author, too.

And I want to help you reach your writing (and blogging) goals.

Reach Your Writing Goals

John Dewey said, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.”

This is true, but many of us have problems with this when it comes to our writing goals.

Writing takes time. It is difficult to reach our goals. We want our words to be perfect. We want our message to be clear. We want to become world-renowned authors. We want to publish our books. We want so many things that it is often impossible for us to reach each goal and sub-goal.

Life gets in our way. We get sidetracked. Other things seem to take precedence over our writing. We become bogged down with little details, and reaching our goals seems impossible.

About The Blind Writer

The Blind Writer was created for several reasons:

  • to help and encourage other writers
  • to provide tips on writing productivity
  • to provide direction to “lost” writers (those who are figuratively blind)
  • to provide assistance to writers who are literally blind (such as Kerry Kijewski, a blind author who enjoys travelling, and Maxwell Ivey, an author and entrepreneur, famously known as The Blind Blogger)
  • to showcase works written by others (both blind and sighted writers)
  • to share writing experiences and learn from one another
  • to learn tips and tricks we can use to move our writing productivity levels forward
  • to become educated on the tools that are available to us to help us reach our goals
  • to be understood and to have a sense of belonging

The Blind Writer will be accepting articles and blog posts from its readers, too. (Contact me at lorrainemariereguly@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing to The Blind Writer.)

The Blind Writer will become a place where community is important, that offers support and encouragement to all, regardless of any of our limitations (or our perceived limitations).

The Blind Writer will provide you with the extra push you need to move your writing forward, to help you find the correct path to take, to be successful, to reach your goals, and to achieve your writing dreams.

I know you have it in you to succeed and reach your potential.

So, welcome to The Blind Writer!

Let’s make your writing dreams happen!!!

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